Our story

Our energy supply must be made more sustainable in order to reduce the negative effects of our energy consumption. Steps are being taken, but new challenges are also emerging in the upscaling of green energy. For example, the availability of solar and wind energy is not predictable and our electricity grid is not set up for large-scale decentralized energy production. Various concepts can contribute to solutions for this. Hydrogen plays a key role in this.

Our search for solutions led us to the AEM technology. This Anion Exchange Membrane technology has very attractive features. Based on the further development of these distinctive values, we have developed an ambitious business plan.

The advantages of AEM technology include full controllability, high efficiency and the independence of rare metals.

The controllability makes the technology ideally suited to combine with intermittent sources such as solar and wind energy. The efficiency is equal to or better than that of comparable electrolysis technologies. Because little to no rare metals are needed, no dependence is created and the cost price can be kept low.

We have our AEM stacks tested to demonstrate the benefits of the technology for the energy transition with certified data. We are also investigating how we can solve identified points for improvement of this technology. This allows the full potential of the technology to be realized.

Our mission is to develop, produce and market highly efficient electrolysis systems that, through controllability, efficiency and flexibility, deliver the best performance with intermittent energy sources and thus contribute to the acceleration of the energy transition.